So, what happens after you submit your request for an estimate to RL Sanborn Masonry?

    1.        You will receive a response from a professional masonry estimator, usually within 1-5 Business days.
    2.        A meeting will be arranged with you at your property.
    3.        The meeting will include a visual inspection of the project area and an expert assessment.
    4.        At the end of the meeting, a list of options will be made available to you.
    5.        A proposal, based on your preferences, will be made available to you after the meeting.
    6.        Upon your acceptance of the proposal, your project will be scheduled.
    7.        Your project will be implemented and completed to your 100% satisfaction.
    8.        You will remember RL Sanborn Masonry because you will know of no other professional masonry company, that puts
    the needs of customers at the forefront, like RL Sanborn Masonry.

    Why not get started today?


    The information you provide will be used to schedule a consultation,
    inspection or to prepare your estimate, for masonry services.
    Once our masonry services are secured, the information will be used for
    billing. When you submit this form you are agreeing to be contacted, at the
    number(s) you provide, at the time(s) you have indicated. When you are
    contacted, an appointment for your consultation or inspection will be
    arranged or your estimate discussed. Consultations take place at the project
    site you have indicated. Following your consultation or inspection, you will
    receive an electronic estimate, by email, to the email address you provide
    above. We never sell customer information.

    The estimate will be in PDF form. Thank-You!

    RL Sanborn Masonry provides:
  • Masonry Estimates
  • Masonry Consultations
  • Masonry Inspection

    RL Sanborn Masonry estimate requests are
    easy and convenient!
    Just complete the form and click submit.

    *Estimates are free for Portland residential
    customers. Inspections and design consultation are
    not included.

What is masonry?

Masonry is the building
of structures from
individual units laid in
and bound together by
mortar. The common
materials of masonry
construction are brick,
stone such as marble,
granite, travertine,
limestone; concrete
block, glass block, and
tile. Masonry is
generally a highly
durable form of
construction. However,
the materials used, the
quality of the mortar and
workmanship, and the
pattern the units are put
in can strongly affect the
durability of the overall
masonry construction
RL Sanborn Masonry 2014

Masonry Estimates
are provided by
professional Maine
masons and delivered
by email.
Our online tools are
designed to save our
customers valuable
time by simplifying the
estimate and billing
We do not share
personal information.
Please complete the
form to the left, to
receive a prompt,
convenient  masonry
services estimate.
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    Maine Masonry Contractor Estimate Request Form
    Is your masonry in need of professional attention?
    When your project involves brick, stone, block, concrete, mortar, stucco, tile or any
    masonry material, RL Sanborn Masonry is the professional option. When you are
    ready for a masonry contractor estimate, Please  provide the  information in the
    form below, which pertains to your estimate request. Thank-you!

    RL Sanborn Masonry respects your privacy.
Privacy Policy by TRUSTe
Portland Maine masonry contractor,RL Sanborn Masonry. Professional masonry construction,restoration and repair including; buildings, fireplaces, chimneys,stairs,walkways and more.
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