RL Sanborn Masonry
    is available for:
  • masonry restoration
  • masonry repair
  • masonry Installation of:
  • fireplaces
  • Chimneys
  • hearths
  • veneers
  • homes
  • additions
  • hardscaping
  • steps, stoops & landings
  • patios
  • driveways
  • walkways
  • ramps
  • water features
  • monuments
  • custom baths
  • counter surfaces
  • interior & exterior masonry
    & much more.

    RL Sanborn Masonry
    implements numerous masonry
    products & materials
    Including varieties of:
  • granite
  • field stone
  • blue stone
  • flag stone
  • soapstone
  • limestone
  • Cobblestone
  • Cultured stone
  • Slate
  • aggregates
  • brick
  • block
  • concrete
  • pavers
  • glass block
  • tile
  • stucco
  • plaster
    & more...

    Service Menu
    barbecue Installation
    block chimney installation
    block garage repair
    block wall installation
    block wall painting
    block wing wall repair
    blue stone steps installation
    blue stone patio installation
    brick chimney build
    brick exterior chimney build
    brick foundation replacement
    brick porch restoration
    brick steps removal
    brick steps repair
    brick steps replacement
    brick veneer installation
    brick veneer work
    brick walkway installation
    brick wall  repair
    chimney build
    chimney continuation build
    chimney flashing
    chimney relining
    chimney repair
    chimney replacement
    chimney restoration
    concrete decorative wall build
    concrete steps installation
    chimney crown inspection
    chimney crown installation
    cultured stone application
    debris removal
    demolition & debris removal
    exterior point work
    fieldstone chimney repair
    fieldstone chimney build
    fieldstone wall installation
    fieldstone wall repair
    fieldstone wall restoration
    fireplace conversion
    fireplace installation
    fireplace repair
    fireplace restoration
    fire wall installation
    foundation repair
    front step repair
    granite curbing installation
    granite steps installation
    install chimney cap
    install clay thimble
    install clean out
    install flue tiles
    install stair treads
    interior chimney repair
    masonry clean and seal
    masonry demolition &
    monument restoration
    new fireplace build
    patio installation
    pier repair
    railing installation
    retaining wall installation
    seal flashing
    sidewalk installation
    slate patio installation
    steps repair
    stone chimney repair
    stone dust base install
    stone foundation repair
    stone piers repair
    stone wall installation
    stone wall repair
    stucco application
    superior sealant
    tuck pointing
    walkway installation
    walkway repair

What is masonry?

Masonry is the building
of structures from
individual units laid in
and bound together by
mortar. The common
materials of masonry
construction are brick,
stone such as marble,
granite, travertine,
limestone; concrete
block, glass block, and
tile. Masonry is
generally a highly
durable form of
construction. However,
the materials used, the
quality of the mortar and
workmanship, and the
pattern the units are put
in can strongly affect the
durability of the overall
masonry construction
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