granite privacy wall with entry gate
Blue stone patio installation, Portland, Maine
custom built blue stone steps, by RL Sanborn Masonry
Granite chimney built with stone cap
custom built granite outdoor kitchen with granite fireplace
RL Sanborn Masonry 2014

What is masonry?

Masonry is the building
of structures from
individual units laid in
and bound together by
mortar. The common
materials of masonry
construction are brick,
stone such as marble,
granite, travertine,
limestone; concrete
block, glass block, and
tile. Masonry is
generally a highly
durable form of
construction. However,
the materials used, the
quality of the mortar and
workmanship, and the
pattern the units are put
in can strongly affect the
durability of the overall
masonry construction
RL Sanborn Masonry, Portland Maine, Masonry Contractor Logo
custom built brick crescent steps
mosaic cut granite porch

    RL Sanborn Masonry,
    Portland Maine masonry company
    providing top quality masonry services:

  • masonry construction
  • masonry repair
  • masonry renovation
  • masonry restoration
  • superb craftsmanship
  • attention to detail
  • superior customer service

    RL Sanborn Masonry is prepared to earn your
    business with professional masonry
    services, at competitive rates.
    No project too difficult.

    If you are planning on a  masonry project
    or need masonry repair or remodeling,
    call RL Sanborn Masonry for:
  • courteous service
  • consultations
  • estimates
  • independent contractors
  • improving your local community
  • locally owned and operated
  • reasonable rates
  • storm damage services
  • trustworthy with many references

    Submit your estimate request
    (click here) or  call (207)619-7473
Maine Masonry Contractor, RL Sanborn Masonry
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Portland Maine masonry contractor,RL Sanborn Masonry. Professional masonry construction,restoration and repair including; buildings, fireplaces, chimneys,stairs,walkways and more.
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glass block installation, Portland, Maine

RL Sanborn
services, such as
glass block and
mosaic Italian tile
installation,  add
a touch of class
to any
Granite chimney, custom built, with granite piers and granite cap

  • brick
  • block
  • blue stone
  • cobblestone
  • concrete
  • concrete block
  • copper flashing
  • cultured stone
  • fieldstone
  • glass block
  • granite
  • lead flashing
  • marble
  • pavers
  • soapstone
  • slate
  • stone
  • tile
  • travertine
  • tumbled stone

    We take pride
    in masonry.
    We always
    strive for perfection.
    Masonry contractor in Portland Maine, RL Sanborn Masonry, provides expert
    masonry contracting services throughout Cumberland County, Maine.
    RL Sanborn Masonry, Maine mason contractor, is located in Portland Maine
    and specializes in;
    •        masonry construction services
    •        masonry restoration services
    •        masonry preservation services
    •        masonry repair services
    If your project involves masonry, RL Sanborn Masonry will complete it;
    •        properly
    •        in a timely manner
    •        with expert precision
    •        with respect for your property and your neighbors

    RL Sanborn Masonry is available and prepared to professionally and expertly
    •        residential masonry projects
    •        commercial masonry projects
    •        municipal masonry projects
    •        state masonry projects
    •        national masonry projects

    RL Sanborn Masonry has
          over 25 years of professional masonry contracting experience,with brick,
    stone, block  and concrete.
    •        countless references
    •        many satisfied customers

    RL Sanborn Masonry is Portland Maine's premier masonry contractor. When
    you choose RL Sanborn Masonry;
    •        you will experience outstanding service from day one
    •        You will witness dedication to the masonry trade
    •        our expert masons always provide superior skill, quality and lasting

    From the moment your project commences, you will witness and realize and
    that you have made a wise investment with;
    •        Expert implementation and completion of your masonry project to your
    100% satisfaction
    •        Reasonable rates
    •        Getting more than you expected for your dollar
    •        AAA  level of masonry expertise
    •        Extraordinary level of customer service.
    •        Stonework and brickwork are always painstakingly designed and crafted
    to last

    Interested a masonry contractor  estimate? Why not request a professional
    masonry contractor estimate today?
    Click here to get started!
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    RL Sanborn Masonry   "A lifetime of quality"
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