Brick Chimney Replacement
brick chimney was removed and replaced from crown to below roofline. Mortar joint replacement on remainder of chimney. Installation of chimney crown
brick chimney restoration by Portland Maine chimney restoration contractor, RL Sanborn Masonry
Chimney Restoration Contractor RL Sanborn Masonry
When it is time for your historic brick chimney restoration or historic brick
chimney reproduction projects, You can count on the over 25 years of
professional chimney restoration  and replication experience of RL
Sanborn Masonry. We go the extra mile to reproduce  period masonry
chimneys as well as restore historic brick chimneys. Call (207)619-7473
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    150 year old chimney complete restoration
    The top of this chimney was replaced, starting at the roof line. The decaying brick was
    reducing to powder. Weather, time and lack of maintenance had battled this chimney
    beyond it's limit. The top of the chimney  needed to be completely removed and
    reproduced to match the remaining structure.
    The original brick could not be used for the reproduction and had to be disposed of.
    Antique brick, matching the existing brick, was implemented in the reproduction.
    The mortar joints below the roof line were removed and replaced, matching the new
    mortar joints on the chimney top.

    Brick Chimney Restoration, Contractor, RL Sanborn Masonry, Portland Maine

    RL Sanborn Masonry, Portland Maine chimney restoration contractor provides brick
    chimney restoration services, in Cumberland County, Maine. RL Sanborn Masonry
    chimney restoration services include replacement of failed brick, mortar joint
    replacement,  flashing,  replacement of damaged stone chimney caps as well
    as cap piers or pilasters.

    RL Sanborn Masonry chimney services are of the finest quality. Our staff is professional,
    courteous and most importantly, we respect your property. You will be elated by our skill
    and craftsmanship, guaranteed!

    Call today to schedule your consultation and receive your estimate delivered via e-mail in
    PDF format.

    Our services are prompt and convenient. We leave no stone unturned to satisfy every

    Remember RL Sanborn Masonry  for all of your chimney concerns.

    RL Sanborn Masonry is fully insured and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

    Thank-you for your interest in our chimney restoration services. We look forward to earning
    your business.

    RL Sanborn Masonry
    “A Lifetime Of Quality”
RL Sanborn Masonry 2014
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What is masonry?

Masonry is the building
of structures from
individual units laid in
and bound together by
mortar. The common
materials of masonry
construction are brick,
stone such as marble,
granite, travertine,
limestone; concrete
block, glass block, and
tile. Masonry is
generally a highly
durable form of
construction. However,
the materials used, the
quality of the mortar and
workmanship, and the
pattern the units are put
in can strongly affect the
durability of the overall
masonry construction
Brick chimney replaced from the roof line up.
Brick chimney prior to be removal and replacement.
Before Restoration
After Restoration
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