Maine Chimney Installation, Restoration , Repair Contractor,RL
    Sanborn Masonry, provides the following professional chimney
    •        Chimney construction
    •        Chimney restoration
    •        Chimney removal
    •        Chimney replacement
    •        Tuck-Pointing&#
    •        Chimney restructure coatings
    •        Chimney crown repair and replacement
    •        Chimney Inspection&#
    •        Chimney flashing
    •        Chimney cap installation

    RL Sanborn Masonry will resolve 100% of your chimney concerns,
    We are experienced with chimneys of all varieties and materials. We will
    repair, restore or build your chimney properly, by adhering to building codes.
    Our skilled team members possess the knowledge of proper masonry
    procedure and are ethically committed to the safety and longevity of your
    RL Sanborn Masonry always uses the recommended products & procedures
    for all chimney services.
    With 25 years as a chimney service contractor, we continue providing quality
    chimney services.
    RL Sanborn Masonry is fully insured, with safety as a primary concern.
    Chimneys, being massive structures, are only as good as their footings and
    the mortar joints, which hold them together. Without proper maintenance, a
    chimney can lose structural integrity. Common symptoms of an ailing
    chimney may be leaks through interior walls and ceilings.
    Typical causes of leaks are;

    •        crown fracture
    •        faulty flashing
    •        missing or failed mortar joints
    •        failed brick

    Failed Chimney Footings
    Generally, a cracked chimney footing can be the result of an improper
    concrete pour that was done above the frost line or the lack of steel
    reinforcement in the concrete. The result of a failed chimney footing usually
    requires a chimney to be replaced, with a new footing.

    An experienced chimney mason will not opt for shortcuts in design or
    craftsmanship, has knowledge to carefully evaluate your current chimney, and
    has the knowledge to professionally recommend options. There are many
    entering the field of chimney repair and far fewer masons. A chimney must be
    taken very seriously. A qualified chimney mason takes chimneys very

    A qualified chimney mason has many years of experience understanding the
    fundamentals of chimney construction, chimney operation and chimney
    safety. There are contractors who offer chimney services, while lacking crucial
    knowledge. There are also masons who lack experience in the art of flashing
    a chimney. A chimney may appear to be built well, yet without proper flashing
    it will be problematic.
    A chimney should never be tampered with by unqualified personnel. The
    chimney arena is no place to cut corners. RL Sanborn Masonry is backed
    with over 25 years of experience building chimneys, restoring chimneys and
    repairing chimneys.

    RL Sanborn Masonry;

    •        follows safe excavation practices
    •        pours adequate footings
    •        professionally installs brick chimneys
    •        cuts and sets artisan grade stone chimneys
    •        fabricates and installs steel pinned stone piers
    •        cuts and sets artisan grade stone chimney caps
    •        installs clay flue tiles
    •        installs chimney clean out doors
    •        custom chimney crowns with brick trim (not manufactured )
    •        installs flashing
    •        applies quality masonry sealants
    •        leaves the job site as it was found

    RL Sanborn Masonry recommends the application of a quality masonry
    sealant, on new and restored masonry. Quality masonry sealants prevent the
    infiltration of moisture, that permeates brick and mortar, freezes, expands and
    cracks the mortar and masonry. This process reoccurs over time. Sealants
    last about 5 years and should be re applied to maintain the masonry's
    optimal longevity. If mortar joints are crumbling or missing consistently, it is
    time for a complete chimney restoration or possible chimney replacement. If
    the brick has failed consistently, the only option is chimney replacement. If the
    decay is isolated, some tuck pointing and or replacement of brick is adequate.

    RL Sanborn Masonry is delighted to provide professional quality chimney
    services. Give us a call @ (207)619-7473.
    Request a quote or inspection (Click Here)
    We proudly serve Portland, Maine and a 25 mile radius.
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    Service Areas:
brick chimney built
A fieldstone chimney is built in Maine.
stone capped stone chimney
RL Sanborn Masonry 2014
chimney construction

What is masonry?

Masonry is the building of
structures from individual
units laid in and bound
together by mortar. The
common materials of
masonry construction are
brick, stone such as marble,
granite, travertine, limestone;
concrete block, glass block,
and tile. Masonry is generally
a highly durable form of
construction. However, the
materials used, the quality of
the mortar and workmanship,
and the pattern the units are
put in can strongly affect the
durability of the overall
masonry construction
Brick Chimney with Cap
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Brick Chimneys Installed in Maine
Granite Chimneys
A brick chimney is replaced. The reproduction is a perfect match of the original design.
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A stone chimney cap is installed.
A specialty brick chimney is replaced
Brick Chimney Installation
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