Masonry construction with
    superior strength and longevity is
    a wise investment, though
    maintenance is required as it is
    with all construction.

    RL Sanborn Masonry
    for all your masonry projects
    and masonry preservation.

    We take pride in masonry.
    We always strive for perfection.
custom brick steps

    Portland Maine masonry stairs contractor, RL Sanborn Masonry,
    provides artisan quality:
  • brick stairs and steps construction
  • brick stairs and steps repair
  • brick stairs and steps renovation
  • brick stairs and steps restoration
  • brick stairs and steps replacement
  • concrete stairs and steps construction
  • concrete stairs and steps repair
  • concrete stairs and steps renovation
  • concrete stairs and steps restoration
  • concrete stairs and steps replacement
  • stone stairs and steps construction
  • stone stairs and steps repair
  • stone stairs and steps renovation
  • stone stairs and steps restoration
  • stone stairs and steps replacement
    with the highest standards of craftsmanship &  attention to detail.

    RL Sanborn Masonry custom stairs are built with steel reinforced
    poured concrete structures with or  without stone or brick veneer finishes.
    Solid concrete core steps are superior to concrete block core steps, with
    veneer finishes. Concrete block is  commonly used  yet it is not intended
    for subterainian  application.
    By original appearance, block structure look the same yet they simply will
    not last.
    Poured concrete core steps are built to last for decades, where as placed
    block cores will show signs of cracking within a couple of years.

    RL Sanborn Masonry
    is prepared to earn your business with courteous
    professional masonry services, at competitive rates.
    No job too small or too large.
  • brick steps
  • stone steps
  • concrete Steps
  • landings
  • stoops.
  • ramps
  • driveways
  • walkways

    If you are planning on a having  masonry  steps installed or need masonry
    steps repaired or restored, you can count on our experience.
    Request your custom masonry stairs estimate now! (click here)
    or  give us a call. (207)619-7473
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