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    Chimney Replacement Service
    During a chimney replacement, we take the utmost care to ensure that the
    areas surrounding the site remain as they were.
    First, the chimney is removed, the debris removed and the footings are
    inspected. If the footings are intact and structurally sound, a new chimney is
    built. If the footing is insufficient, it will need to be replaced. When necessary,
    the chimney footing will be replaced or repaired so that it provides a solid
    base for the new chimney to be built upon. The new chimney is then flashed
    and crowned. When preferred, a stone cap is installed with brick or stone
    The new chimney will be installed from base to cap as well as flashing work.
    Our dedicated team will leave you a satisfied customer. We are experienced
    with all types of chimneys and all varieties of masonry material. With 25 years
    in the chimney replacement trade, we continue to provide our quality services.
    We are delighted to offer our chimney services at to our satisfied customers.
    Shortcuts will cost more in the long run. Call the Chimney Professionals at
    RL Sanborn Masonry. Call (207)619-7473

mosaic cut granite chimney
    Why Are Chimney Inspections
    Safety is our concern
    Chimneys being massive heavy structures
    are only as good as
    the footings they are set upon
    and the mortar joints which hold
    them together. Without proper
    a chimney can loose it’s structural integrity.

    It is advisable to apply sealant
    to new and restored masonry
    to prevent the infiltration  of water.

    Water permeates brick and
    mortar and when water freezes it expands,
    cracking the  mortar and brick.
    This process repeats over Time
    if cracking is not addressed early
    on it will lead to serious damage.
    Sealants and should be re applied
    to maintain the masonry's optimal longevity.

    If the mortar is crumbling consistently in
    most spots  then it is time For
    a complete restoration.

    If the decay is isolated, some point work and
    or replacement of brick
    should be done.

    If you are looking to have a new chimney
    installed or an existing chimney restored or
    repaired,RL Sanborn Masonry is the wise
Fieldstone chimney repair by Portland Maine stone masons, RL Sanborn Masonry
 Granite Chimney, hand cut stone, built by Maine stone mason
Brick Chimney with Cap built by Maine mason
Granite Chimney With Cap
Brick Chimney built by Maine mason
chimney construction

What is masonry?

Masonry is the building
of structures from
individual units laid in
and bound together by
mortar. The common
materials of masonry
construction are brick,
stone such as marble,
granite, travertine,
limestone; concrete
block, glass block, and
tile. Masonry is
generally a highly
durable form of
construction. However,
the materials used, the
quality of the mortar and
workmanship, and the
pattern the units are put
in can strongly affect the
durability of the overall
masonry construction
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Chimney Field Stone
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    Portland Maine Chimney Services
    Professional chimney installation, chimney replacement, chimney restoration
    and chimney Repair, by
    RL Sanborn Masonry, Portland, Maine chimney contractor. (207)619-7473
    RL Sanborn Masonry provides expert quality chimney services in
    Cumberland County, Maine. The results speak for themselves.

    RL Sanborn Masonry's chimney services include the following;
    Chimney Construction Service:
    RL Sanborn Masonry builds chimneys of all sizes with your choice of stone,
    brick, cultured stone or block. The chimney is designed and built according to
    your specifications, as well as adhering to the strictest building codes and
    procedures. Our chimney construction services include excavation, sub base
    installation, formation of a footing, steel reinforcement installation and
    pouring a concrete footing. The chimney is built, using the material of your
    choice and mortar. The chimney is then flashed, with your choice of flashing.
    Finally a crown is installed. Stone cap installation is also an option. When the
    chimney is to be an interior chimney, we will bring it through each level of the
    structure and through the roof.

    Chimney Spot Pointing:
    Chimney spot pointing includes the replacement of sporadic failed mortar

    Chimney Mortar Joint Replacement:
    Chimney mortar joint replacement includes the removal of all mortar joints
    and the installation of new mortar joints.

    Superior Sealant Service: Your chimney will be protected from erosion that
    can be caused by the elements. Superior Sealant Service is exclusive to RL
    Sanborn Masonry. Superior Sealant Service is safe, effective and reasonable
    in cost.

    Chimney Inspection:
    The chimney crown is vital to the prevention of water intrusion into the flue.
    The crown or wash protects your home by directing water away from the
    chimney flue. Water that enters the flue may damage the masonry over time.
    The chimney crown is the area of the chimney most susceptible to harmful
    elements. The top of a chimney is where 90 percent of all chimney problems
    begin. We inspect the chimney crown for cracking. As a general rule, removal
    and replacement of the chimney crown is the best option. If the crown has
    begun to fail, chances are that a repair will not resolve the central issue.
    Other areas inspected include, footing, mortar joints, brick and flue tiles.
    Request your chimney inspection.

    Chimney Caps and Piers:
    RL Sanborn Masonry will install the stone cap and piers of your choice. (click
    here for photos).
    If you already have a stone cap, we suggest periodic inspection, due to the
    hazards they may impose. The fact that stone chimney caps are quite heavy
    and set on top of your chimney is good reason for periodic inspection. An
    inspection will ensure that the piers are intact and sound. The piers are
    inspected for deterioration and fractures. The cap is inspected for cracks. We
    replace damaged chimney caps and piers.
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Historical Chimney Restoration
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A new brick chimnet is washed down.
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